Tom Mills 4I had 10 carp in the first 2 nights fishing to a far margin with 15mm sticky baits krill boilie tipped with a piece of the Enterprise wonder fruit pink corn. After each fish I would walk round to bait up with a few handfuls of hemp, corn and crushed boilie.





Tom Mills cat 1The fish only went up to around mid double but I was more than happy with 10 fish considering no one else on the lake was catching. After the two nights I moved on to the harder ‘cat lake’ which contained carp also. I fished 4 nights for the cats and had great success. The bait of choice was a 21mm halibut pellet tipped with the glow in the dark corn. This was fished over a tightly spombed area of 3mm halibuts and 21mm halibuts. I got through a kilo of pellet each night easily and several occasions the cats were passing the bait out on the mat. Not a pleasant job at all cleaning the mat off! I landed several small cats of around mid double and on the Wednesday night I had a 26.12 cat which I was over the moon with. On the Thursday night I then had a 29lb cat which made me absolutely chuffed! For the last day I decided to go after some of the carp which had been boshing out over the spot all week which had also been getting on the pellet. I chucked out 2 leadcore helicopter leaders with standard blowback rigs attached, on the hair a piece of pepperarmi. One rod tipped with the monster crab corn in red and the other one with the mulberry corn in purple. It took about an hour or so until one was away on the mulberry with a lovely little common in the net. During the fight the fish had took my other rod out so a recast was done on both. The mulberry corn rod went out fine first time. Same with the monster crab and pepperarmi, but before I even had the chance to put the rod on the rest the clutch was spinning away! Which resulted in a small scale perfect common with lovely chestnut brown colours making a mighty fine end to the week session.
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