Winter Perch.

This winter I set myself the challenge of trying to catch a big perch with the hope of maybe even catching a new PB.  During winter of 2010-2011 I was fortunate enough to bag a fish weighing 5lb 4oz, so venue choice on this target was severally restricted.

I soon started making the long two hour drive into deepest darkest Sussex in search of another monster.  I really started to get into the perch fishing and just the odd trip here and there soon became regular trips and it wasn’t long before I started to get amongst the lakes perch population.  Tactics were a lot different to what I was used to and the usual live bait rigs were soon swapped for an all-out prawn attack.  Simple running leads and long fluorocarbon hook lengths were the order of the day.
Hookbaits consisted of king prawns soaked in Worm and Shrimp flavour from Enterprise Tackle.  This stuff really stinks and being quite a neat flavour only a small amount is needed to boost your hook baits and feed.
Over a six week period this approach saw the downfall of twenty two perch weighing over two pounds including six fish weighing over 3lb, the best weighing 3lb 9oz.