Ben Ward joins our Consultants Team

Just a brief introduction to welcome Ben Ward to our Consultants Team. Ben is an younger angler who has been showing his talent behind the rods over the last couple of seasons with a consistent tally of quality specimens coming to the net. Some of these falling to Enterprise Imitation Baits.

Ben Ward with a fine chubBen will be writing some articles over the coming season as he works on achieving some new seasons targets he has set himself and about how he gets results using our new range of imitations we have introduced this season ET63 Corn Skins, ET68 Pellet Skins, ET69 Hybrid Boilies, ET70 15mm Half Boilies, and our new ET71 Mini Mixer, ET72 Mini Tigers which will in stores in time for late Spring, among a range of the originals.

We look forward to publishing his articles here.