Carp fishing in Thailand has really caught on!

Over the past year or so the carp fishing in Thailand has really caught on. Fish in excess of 100lb are not uncommon, and in fact several over this figure have been landed at Gilhams Fishing Resort, Krabi.

Giant Siamese Carp are very different to our European strain of carp, as they tend to be more filter type feeding fish than their cold water counterparts. These fish have huge mouths and they vacuum natural food in the lakes very easily. It is not uncommon for us to fish for these huge fish with Leam ground bait, and for them to get so preoccupied with the constant cloud in the water, that they take everything other than the hook bait.

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So the method we have concentrated on more over the last months has been to spod big beds of maize and pellet and for us to fish maize stacks over the top. Enterprise Maize in the pop up and slow sinking types are perfect for creating a neutral buoyant stack of maize. With two sinking pieces of maize on the bottom, and two pieces of pop up maize on the top, a four tier stack of maize sits up in the water.

Fished on a simple hair rig with 50lb coated braided hooklink and a size 2 strong hook, the bait is perfectly presented. We finish the rig with a small PVA bag of pellets and cast to the desired spot.

This rig is really a cracking type of presentation, as its virtual weight free and simply gets hoovered up by these giant carp. The different colours and flavours in the Enterprise range allows for experimentation, and trial and error to get the desired combination.

When the light fades we find a change to the glow corn really stands out from the rest, and many of the bigger specimens are caught about an hour after sunset, or as the sun is setting.

Team Asia