Enterprise Tackle Celebrates 15 years of Making Imitation Bait

Enterprise Tackle celebrates 15 years of imitation bait this year – having produced more than 20 million pieces of fake sweetcorn!

The Beds-based outfit, the brainchild of keen angler Chris Hornsby, has firmly established itself as the market-leader when it comes to plastic baits, largely thanks to an unerring attention to detail.

Now used by some of the UK’s leading anglers, including carp legend Frank Warwick and all-rounder Alan Stagg, Enterprise products have been responsible for FOUR record fish, along with countless other specimen fish every season.

ET13Y sweetcornAnd while it may have all started with sweetcorn, the range now boasts over 20 different types of imitation baits in hundreds of different sizes, colours and flavours – as well as key rig components that have changed the way thousands of anglers now fish.

But whatever Enterprise Tackle make, one thing remains consistent – attention to detail. And that’s thanks to owner Chris’ painstaking pursuit for absolute perfection, together with a deep-rooted knowledge of the plastics and moulding industry.

“It seems an awful long time ago that I first had the idea of making a buoyant piece of plastic corn and if someone had told me then we’d have made more than 20 million pieces, I’d never have believed it!” said Chris, who now sells to over 30 different countries across the world.

“I’m very proud that Enterprise Tackle is considered by the angling world to be the best in imitation baits and we are constantly striving to make all our products more life-like and effective.

“Innovation and excellence are the two key words that we live by and because we make everything here in the UK, we have complete control over the manufacture.

“I think the secret to our success in down to the quality of our baits and the special attractants we put in them. Even our unflavoured bait contains special elements that we know catch more fish.”

Respected big carp angler Frank Warwick is well-known across Europe and has been using the Enterprise Tackle range for more than a decade. He’s in no doubt why it’s so good.

“As far as I’m concerned, Enterprise are the original and best at making imitation bait,” said Frank.

“I have 100% faith in the products and have watched them get better and better over the years. What I especially like is, as a consultant, I get to have a proper input and seeing the ideas come to fruition – and catch lots of fish – is extremely satisfying.

“The current market place might be increasingly full of companies making imitation bait, but no-one does it better than Enterprise.”

Enterprise Tackle – 15 years of imitation bait
*The first imitation bait made by Enterprise was a grain of pop-up sweetcorn in 1999. Since then, they’ve made more than 20 million grains.
*Enterprise Tackle corn is now available in 18 colours, 24 flavours and seven different sizes.
*There are more than 20 different baits in the Enterprise range, including bloodworm, bread, worms, prawns and snails.
*Enterprise products are now sold into over 30 different countries, ranging from Canada to Russia.
*The top five best-selling Enterprise Tackle products are: Corn, maggots, bread, dog biscuits and tiger nuts.
*Four different record fish have fallen to either Enterprise Tackle baits either fished alone, or combined with real bait.
2001, 59lb 7oz carp, Terry Glebioska (ET Popup corn)
2005, 19lb 10oz bream, James Rust (ET Popup maize)
2006, 44lb 8oz grass carp, Phil Kingsbury (ET Popup corn)
2006, 5lb 15oz perch, Les Brown (ET Imitation maggots)
*Despite ET corn having the biggest impact, it’s the rod tip Nightlite Adapters and Adjuster-Stops that Chris rates as the most innovative products.