Everyone knows that sweetcorn works well for all kind of species, But I wasn’t sure if artificial sweetcorn would work as I tried a different brand out and never even got a nibble. However Enterprise Tackle artificial worked great.

Sam Weedon with a Cornskin caught carpI used the Artificial sweetcorn on my last 2 sessions. Sinking artificial sweetcorn works especially well with 2 bits on a size 10 hook over a bed of real sweetcorn. I managed to catch a 10 1/2 lb carp using a cage feeder on a Ron Thompson 11’6 Avon quiver.as well as that I managed to get a 8lb ghost carp on the same set up. I also got around 10 smaller sized carp and a lot of runs. The buoyant version worked well as a cocktail with a Boilie. This method works well when using a size 8 hook with the bait hair rigged using a carp rod over a bed of sweetcorn pellets and crushed boilies.

Corn skins
Corn skins are a great creation. I use 2 on the hair filled with bread in the margins. I used this method at Framfield fishery on spring lake which I caught 7 fish on the bait and the largest being 9lb which is over average for the lake we were fishing. I fished it on a Drennam 3BB waggler over a handful of real sweetcorn next to some lilies about 5 metres out.

Pellet skins
The soon to be release pellet skins were brilliant. I used 2 8 mm skins on the hair an each had an 8 mm robin red pellet inside. These skins definitely separated the larger fish from the small ones. I used these towards the island on brook house lake at Framfield and I caught a 10 lb mirror carp, a 9lb common, an 8 1/2 lb mirror and a 3 1/2 lb crucian carp. These work well over a bed of pellets.

Sam Weedon