I tested the half boilies, dumbells and hybrid boilies a few weeks ago when I went to beaver farm fisheries on Majors lake with my dad. The weather was very cold and rainy.

I was on peg 17 and had 2 rods out both towards the island with 1 oz leads on both and a size 8 barbless  hook on the left hand rod with the a yellow and green dumbell in an orange hybrid boilie. The right hand rod had one of the halve boilies on its own with a corn stop. About half an hour in the right rod went off, unfortunately as soon as I struck the line went slack and there was no sign of a fish at the end. I reset the rod (luckily the bait was still on the end). The next couple of hours I had a few beeps but  no fish. Suddenly at around 11:00 am the left hand rod went offhand as soon as I struck I knew it was over 10lb. The battle took about 3 minutes and finally I landed it. The mirror carp still had the artificial hybrid boilie in it’s lip. It weighed 11.4 lbs. I slipped it back and watched it swim away into the murky waters. Everything then went quiet for a while until the left hand rod went off again but this time whatever it was wasn’t as big as the first carp. It was easy to bring into the net as I was using 12lb lines and both rods were 2.75lb test curve carp rods. I saw in the net I had caught myself a 4lb tench. It was probably the nicest tench I ever caught. Later on I managed to catch another 2 carp with one of them being on the half boilie and the other on the hybrid boilie.

Overall both types of artificial boilies worked superbly and I will definitely be using them in the future.

Sam Weedon