Super 7lb 2oz Ouse chub for Stewart

Quick report and a few pics of a 7lb 2oz chub that I caught from the Gt Ouse in early December.  On the evening in question I had already taken two fish over 4lb and two of 5lb plus on my standard running set up which incorporates the Snag Safe Run Rings and Protect-a-Beads.

7lb 2oz ouse chub for StewartWhilst moving downstream to fish a different area I passed a swim that I had already caught from and decided to give it a further half an hour with a slightly different set up in the hope that I might get another chance.

I removed the hair rig and paste wrapped boilie that I had been using and set up a Pellet Skin filled with paste which I side hooked on a size 12 hook.  After 20 minutes I hit a tentative bite and connected with what I initially thought was the smallest chub of the night, it wasn’t until it I got it into the main flow that I realized that I was attached to something a little bit more special.  If you need any more info please drop me a line.


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